Saturday, Jul 21 2018 10:24 pm - As A Favor

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Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jul 22 2018 12:40 am ( Reply )

Stealth Update Been thinking of getting rid of the expected update time in the description; my schedule's to problematic to match it. Hmm.

Next time in Q & A, Jay is excused to make room for more characters to whom you can ask questions!

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User Comments:

OhDearKamiWhy, Sunday, Jul 22 2018 05:58 am ( Reply )

Can I call this a slightly wholesome update?

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jul 22 2018 01:58 pm ( Reply )

@OhDearKamiWhy: Yeah, that's cool

Kevin_Redcrow, Sunday, Jul 22 2018 07:57 pm ( Reply )

It's all too easy for a Psychology Nerd like me to diagnose Jay as being on the Autism Spectrum.

But I'm gonna keep an open mind that it's something else that gives him his rather Vulcan attitude.

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jul 22 2018 10:32 pm ( Reply )

@Kevin_Redcrow: Lol who knows. Could be the ol' AS, maybe just his personality. Maybe a bit of both.

Or maybe it's Maybelline

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