Welcome to the Characters page. Here you can find all the necessary info about the characters mentioned so far in the comic.

Note: If you are new to the comic, be careful when reading the character sheets; they are updated with new information at the end of every chapter.

Main Characters

The plot of the story revolves around these characters' actions, and so they merit their own character sheets. Just follow these links:

Ryan Laytey Jay Ambrose The Fangirl

Characters of Some Importance

These characters are not the main ones, but either influence them or the plot in some direct manner. Characters Seen In-Comic may be "promoted" to this position after directly affecting the plot.

Rose Arting, first seen in Part 2, Page 2. Seems to be acquainted with Ryan and Jay, remarking that Ryan is more depressed "than usual," and that Jay usually cheers him up. Has some problem with Jay calling her "Rosie." Is apparently pretty smart, at least in Biology.

Kirk Lanherst, first seen in Part 2, Page 1. Antagonistic to both Ryan and Jay, and according to Rose, causes trouble "every morning" along with his friend G.C.. One of his casually homophobic taunts inadvertently hits a nerve in Ryan, still reeling from the events of Part 1.

G.C., first seen in Part 2, Page 3. Friends with Kirk and laughs at his jokes, but is apparently critical of his dating abilities.

Mr. D, first seen in Part 2, Page 3. The no-nonsense teacher of Ryan and Jay's homeroom class, which, as Ryan's book would suggest, is Biology. Seems grumpy, but shows gratitude for Jay's help in opening the door, his right arm broken from unknown causes.

Characters Seen In-Comic

This heading is simply for visual reference of all characters seen so far. Hover your cursor over each image for small info snippets.

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