Sunday, Sep 22 2019 05:00 pm - Bad Concussion

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"Zoom in... there! ENHANCE."

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Sep 22 2019 05:00 pm ( Reply )

Nah, he good Gonna be making various updates around the site in upcoming weeks. First is gonna be the covers; for now you'll see placeholders while I get some ready. Stay tuned~

User Comments:

Ralend, Monday, Sep 23 2019 12:21 am ( Reply )

wow... that totally wouldn't be awkward

Arcane Allusion, Monday, Sep 23 2019 03:41 am ( Reply )

Hah! First thought when he doesn't verbalise -- must be a seizure.

Had a feeling this was where it was going though. I mean, the 'gay times' was gonna manifest directly at some point, right? Not sure Ryan is prepared for this though, lol.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Sep 23 2019 07:12 am ( Reply )

@Ralend: In the grim darkness of the future, there is only awkward

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Sep 23 2019 07:17 am ( Reply )

@Arcane Allusion: Yeah, that's what it looks like to everyone else when Ryan's having an inner monologue.

Oh, and the "gay times" thing is a double entendre referring to the older meaning of the word. Technically it means "happy times" with Ryan and Jay, but ironically~

But yes Ryan is unprepared for it either way

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