Friday, Jun 15 2012 05:18 pm - Sour Grapes

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Vittles = Nom Noms, for those of you born this millenium.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Jun 15 2012 05:25 pm ( Reply )

Early Update! Yep, since I've finished this page a bit early, I decided to upload it immediately. The deadline for the next comic is still Tuesday.

Artistic Comments:

My God, the friggin' angles in this page pissed me off. Just kinda gave up on Ryan's cell phone by the last three panels...

But, I did get to try out some new monochrome schemes, including a mixed scheme, which was nice :)

Don't forget to check the alt text!

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User Comments:

AndToBeLoved, Sunday, Nov 25 2012 10:57 pm ( Reply )

Haha. I'm thinking that anyone born in this millenium would be too young to read this comic... :D

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Nov 26 2012 06:12 pm ( Reply )

@AndToBeLoved: Indeed, that's how I catch 'em in the act >:)

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