Tuesday, Jun 19 2012 10:38 am - Yep, into dudes.

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What a twist!

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jun 19 2012 10:47 am ( Reply )

End of Part 1 Yeah...the surprise here was kinda given away by the banner, but what're ya gonna do? Gotta set the premise up somehow.

Also, my apologies for this very short chapter <:) it was mostly for set up. The next one will be around 10 pages, the one after, even more (protip: you'll want to stay around for Part 4, trust me.).

ONNNNE MOORRE THING! (Wonder who got that reference.) I may have some technical difficulties in the upcoming week. Please be patient if there are any sudden delays. Of course, you could just go to my DA account, but know that that's my comic buffer, and the last page there won't be updated for quite some time.

EDIT: It's k now.

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User Comments:

kittycatcupcakes, Wednesday, Aug 01 2012 08:51 pm ( Reply )

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow lol it's like all of the sudden...I'M GAY

AsianIdiot16, Wednesday, Jan 09 2013 10:23 pm ( Reply )

That was brief. Didnt even let the guy ask questions or talk it out

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jan 10 2013 09:05 am ( Reply )

@AsianIdiot16: Nah, I'm saving that for later ;)

te-chan, Thursday, May 02 2013 08:02 am ( Reply )

i wish my characters coulda done it that way but nooo it was long and drawn out XD

i like he's all "i'm gay. k baiii!" lmao

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, May 02 2013 09:54 am ( Reply )

@te-chan: Lol well, coming out is different for everybody, so I'm sure the way your characters did it was fine too. ^_^

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