Saturday, Jun 30 2012 06:15 pm - ...seriously?

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GAH, it's a queero-sexual! D:>

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AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Jun 30 2012 06:19 pm ( Reply )

Another Page Yep. Btw guys, in case you didn't know already, my Character and About sheets are now up and running. Just click the headings right there at the top.

Also, don't forget to post your suggestions for the 20 fan special update!

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AndToBeLoved, Sunday, Nov 25 2012 11:22 pm ( Reply )

Ooh, he has some purty eyes.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Nov 26 2012 06:09 pm ( Reply )

@AndToBeLoved: You think so? I got a similar comment back on the DA version of this page. I think it's 'cause the eyes are the only thing I color on my monochrome pages, lol.

AndToBeLoved, Monday, Nov 26 2012 07:12 pm ( Reply )

@AdmiralBetas: Exactly. They "pop". :)

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