Tuesday, Jul 17 2012 04:58 pm - Rubbed off on you by now

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*SPOILERS* Yes Ryan, that's basically where this comic is going.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jul 17 2012 05:19 pm ( Reply )

Oooh Got a few new fans over the long weekend! Since there weren't any updates, I can only assume you guys got here by word-of-mouth or a few hours of index hunting. In any case, welcome and I hope you enjoy the comic.

Oh, and about the gap...yeah, I kinda took on a complicated commission last week, so I've had to cut back on the early updates again. It should be done by next week. Here's a link to the WIP for those interested:

One last thing- we're coming up on 50 fans, and I'll be doing a special for that as well! Make sure to offer your suggestions for the special in the comments.

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