Tuesday, Aug 14 2012 01:49 pm - Part 2 Cover

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"Oh please, sir, the boys didn't mean any harm. They were just fooling is all!"

"Hmm, I'm sorry Rosemary, but such horseplay is not conducive to a proper learning environment. I'm afraid it's detention for them."

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Aug 14 2012 01:57 pm ( Reply )

Page reformatting Ok, I'm sure some of you have noticed the resizing of the site template and pages recently. This has been done to provide easier viewing for those readers with smaller monitor resolutions; there should no longer be any need to scroll to view an entire page. (If this is still an issue for some of you, please let me know.)

However, this resizing also means that the text on many of my pages has been made nearly unreadable. Therefore, I will be dedicating some time into reformatting those pages, essentially breaking them up among two or, if necessary, more pages each. Until then, please use the GTWRAJ gallery on my DA account if you are having trouble reading the text:


Thank you for your patience!

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