Tuesday, Oct 09 2012 08:03 pm - Friendly PSA

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btw, don't forget about my alt text. It's super funny. Erm, usually <_<...

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AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Oct 09 2012 08:09 pm ( Reply )

What the page said. Those of you who read the comments on the last page were aware that the update for this week will be on Thursday, not today. Those who didn't...well, now you do.

I don't much like using news announcements; never have enough to say for those. But always be aware, dear readers, that I may make schedule changes which will only be announced by comments like these. I also include a running status of the comic on GTWRAJ's main info page on SmackJeeves.

Once again, the update for this week will be a poster for Thursday's National Coming Out Day. See you then ^^

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