Wednesday, Jan 16 2013 09:02 pm - 100+ Fans Special

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Abusin' the hell outta DAT SOFT FOCUS.

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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Jan 16 2013 09:12 pm ( Reply )

Thank You! :) You guys' continued loyalty is proof positive that my comic is reaching people out there :,)

This here special is a little peek into my multi-color style, which is used whenever characters are outside. In this case, however, I avoided inks and added a cooling filter. Been gettin' that crazy Michigan Winter weather over here, thought I'd give you guys a taste of that too.

Can you guys guess what's going on in the pic? I'll tell you that winter is Ryan's favorite season ^_^

P.S. Updates will continue on Friday and return on Wednesday as normal.

***EDIT*** Due to the labor intensiveness of page 19, I've decided to move its post date to the usual Wednesday along with 20. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

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User Comments:

M-24, Thursday, Jan 17 2013 10:49 pm ( Reply )

Wah, it looks really nice.~
I like how soft the colors look.

Although it doesn't get that cold over here in Southern California, it has been an abnormally cold winter. Can't get used to it! :)

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Jan 18 2013 02:45 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Thanks for the compliment :D

You guys gettin' the chills too, huh? Don't worry, my college gets a lot of students from California and they seem to get acclimated pretty quick. Dressing in layers and using scarves and earmuffs seem to help.

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 12:07 pm ( Reply )

I really like your delicate, desaturated colours. They're so gentle on the eyes.

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