Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 09:07 pm - Understand?

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I know that feel, Jay.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 09:11 pm ( Reply )

Happy Birthday, Mom That's right, today also happens to be my mom's birthday. I hereby dedicate this page to her [REDACTED] year of life.

Also, I'll be skipping next week's update in order to focus on work for Con Ja Nai, the premier anime screening event at my college. I'll be doing an art panel! Visit for more info.

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User Comments:

happybunnyntx, Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 09:46 pm ( Reply )

Whoa, my mom's birthday was just yesterday O.o

Yay for art panels hope all goes well ^^

AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 10:03 pm ( Reply )

@happybunnyntx: Cosmic... 0_O

Er, anyway, thanks much for the well wishes! ^_^

anime8snowman, Thursday, Feb 14 2013 02:59 pm ( Reply )

I just want a nap!

I know how you feel!!! DDuddde.

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