Wednesday, Mar 06 2013 09:12 pm - Bounce~

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The brick landed.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Mar 06 2013 09:16 pm ( Reply )

Flashback Intercepted! You guys know about paper football? It's another paper folding pastime, but without the pesky artistry of origami, and with extra opportunity to piss people off and waste time :D

Sigh. Been lookin' over some of my earlier pages. I should really start updating them to fix the text and pacing issues, but I have to keep the story goin'. What to do, what to do...

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User Comments:

AsianIdiot16, Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 06:45 pm ( Reply )

It's just paper Ryan. It doesn't hurt that much :p

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Sep 25 2014 11:14 pm ( Reply )

@AsianIdiot16: lol true, but it sure can catch you off guard if you're having an extended flashback~

Also, those paper footballs are folded very densely, plus they have those sharp corners....a real death sentence if you think about it.

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