Wednesday, Apr 10 2013 10:07 pm - Still gross.

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From the company that brought you the Nostalgia Filter (TM) and Shipping Goggles (TM) comes a whole new way to change reality to suit your whims--here comes BISHIVISION (TM)!

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Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Apr 10 2013 10:17 pm ( Reply )

Little bit earlier this time. Well, that's my attempt to make with the pretty. Maybe Soen Kai-sensei* will praise me now :'D

Also, is this the beginning of a romance between lil' Jay and tiny Alicia? Read on to find out...

(Or, you know... just reread Part 1.)

*The artist of TEN.

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User Comments:

happybunnyntx, Thursday, Apr 11 2013 01:55 am ( Reply )

Gotta love the old "brother's friend is amazingly hot" thing lol

kinda reminds me of a crush I had on my brother's old roomate ^///^

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Apr 11 2013 02:04 am ( Reply )

@happybunnyntx: Haha, this situation does seem to come up a lot. Perhaps you have an insight into how it might work out in the comic?

ElyssaJM, Friday, Apr 12 2013 01:50 pm ( Reply )

And thus a beautiful friendship began XD Oh Jay...

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Apr 12 2013 03:13 pm ( Reply )

@ElyssaJM: Indeed. Still, I think the last part of the flashback (which is quickly coming up) is really where it all comes together. Hope you like it ^_^

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