Thursday, Apr 25 2013 10:57 pm - *Smash*

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Ryan Injury Check:

Floor to Face. Check.
Ball to Face. Check.
Foot to Balls. Check.
Next up, Face to B- wait a minute...

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Apr 25 2013 11:00 pm ( Reply )

NOOOO!!! Can't be late again, must click submit~

EDIT: Ah, Christ. Again, sorry about the late page, everyone. Here's a protip- the Computer Science major is a hideous bitch goddess. Trying to get a process' threads to work together is like babysitting an unspecified number of bad children at once. Considering that metaphor (EDIT 2: oops, my bad, that's a simile), this page is an ironically good expression of my feelings.

But anyway. We submitted the project at the last minute of our last late day, but managed to finally raise a 74/96 to a 92/96, and this page is up now. And as promised, there will be two pages for next week.

EDIT 3: Oh God, why's Ryan look so flirty in Panel 2? I was trying for smug. It's probably the star.

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Bell_the_gaomon, Sunday, May 19 2013 01:46 pm ( Reply )


AdmiralBetas, Sunday, May 19 2013 07:56 pm ( Reply )

@Bell_the_gaomon: Haha, exactly!

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 06:55 am ( Reply )

No. Bad Alicia. Go to the corner.

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