Wednesday, May 01 2013 09:52 pm - D-didn't hurt...

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Will Alicia ever win Jay's heart?

Find out in the next installment of Gay Times Of Our Lives...

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, May 01 2013 09:56 pm ( Reply )

Not Late! Page 34 will be up tomorrow :)

EDIT: Upon further consideration, I think it would be more prudent to save the next page for my buffer, to help prevent more late pages in the future. Next page will be up next Wednesday, as usual.

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MsDaisy, Wednesday, May 01 2013 10:30 pm ( Reply )

lie It toatlly hurt.

Stop tryin to lie to your self you know it hurt.

I know it hurt cuz i did it to my ex-boyfriend Richard after he cheated on me with some girl because she suck his D*** ohh I HATE HIM. but i'm totally over it

AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, May 01 2013 10:50 pm ( Reply )

@MsDaisy: I see, haha. Perhaps you'll find someone better?

MsDaisy, Wednesday, May 01 2013 11:11 pm ( Reply )

yea yeah sorry i went ranting off like that,and i have he the best he come and see me everyday after school he awesome

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