Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:17 pm - ...the upholstery...

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Ah, just got an idea for an awesome troll. Shoulda put Kyubey instead of Pikachu. People like the cross-dressing magical girl thing, right?

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:22 pm ( Reply )

A bit early! Had some extra time to work on this page.

EDIT: Derpy Ryan lol

EDIT 2: Oops, almost forgot--Happy Mother's Day, Mom ^_^

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Frostwings, Thursday, May 16 2013 06:50 am ( Reply )

My gosh, I had quite a bit of catch up reading to do. Usually when I take a hiatus from smackjeeves each comic has only a few new pages, you're quite efficient. Though, if I may suggest, I'd like to see a "save my place" widget on this comic :)

That being said, I don't think I can ever remember a time in my life or in the lives of my friends where one of us went to another's home and demanded a nap. This whole situation and everything leading up to it is so entirely awkward it gives me the empathy shivers of embarrassment... :(

Poor Ryan D:

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, May 16 2013 01:00 pm ( Reply )

@Frostwings: Thanks much for the compliment! I try to keep a steady pace of one page a week, which works...most of the time.

Props for reading so many pages in one sitting, especially considering the unceasing awkwardness, lol. Careful what you wish for, though: the awkwardness'll clear up by the end of this chapter, but you might not like what replaces it...

Oh, and there is a save your place widget, but it's that tricky SJ one that only shows up on a mouseover of the pages. It's on the bottom right of each page. I'd add a more visible link, but I don't know how the code works. (I think it's cookies? :/)

EDIT: Didn't see that last part. "Poor Ryan", indeed.

EDIT 2: Ok, after poking around the code a bit, I was able to copy the "save your place" widget to a space under the comic. The only issue is that it sends you to the top of the page if you save your place there more than once.

te-chan, Wednesday, May 22 2013 02:15 pm ( Reply )

Everytime I come read this comic the flintstone's opening song gets stuck in my head! lol

jay sure was weird back then. i like his "it'll do " kinda made mom mad huh??

AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, May 22 2013 04:21 pm ( Reply )

@te-chan: Oh wow, I just got that reference XD They didn't bring up the last part of the song a lot, I didn't think anyone noticed.

But yeah, Jay's a little...impertinent in these flashbacks. You might want to wait till next page though before gauging Ryan's mom's reaction. It'll be up in several hours :D

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