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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, May 22 2013 10:17 pm ( Reply )

Gratitude? Hmm, perhaps there's something else to lil' Jay besides grumpiness?

EDIT: Oh yeah, and another thing: it's been a while, but we're coming up on another fan count special :D This one's going to be at 200+ fans, and I'm open for suggestions starting now.

EDIT 2; 5-23-2013: Well that was much quicker than expected XD Thanks for your responses! So far we've got--

-"Something sexy"

-"In color"

-"A pinup"

--anybody have any particular characters or some other detail in mind before I close the suggestions?

EDIT 3; 5-24-2013: Ok, we've got a request for Jay on some sheets. This seems like enough for now, but I'll leave suggestions open till the next page is up.

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User Comments:

Frostwings, Thursday, May 23 2013 07:28 am ( Reply )

Yeah, it's still awkward. I was brutally naive as a child and at this point even I would have realized that the "friendship" was anything but...and that my mom, as awesome as she is, probably would have said something at this point to me :( This family certainly handles things differently.

As for suggestions for a 200+ fan thing? I didn't do anything, but if I did, it probably would have been sexy. You should do something sexy...and in color.

te-chan, Thursday, May 23 2013 08:19 am ( Reply )

aww! he said thanks! guess I did judge too quickly!

200+ fans! go you! definitely do something sexy! like a pin up or something!

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, May 23 2013 09:22 am ( Reply )

@Frostwings: Oh man, I hope they nominate me for Most Awkward on the SJ Awards now lol

More to your self-reflection--yeah, Ryan's a...different case, haha. He's not doing this because he's ignorant to what's going on, though, as you'll see in the rest of this chapter.

Oh, and you called it--his Mom's totally gonna say something about this next page XD

Now, as for the special, check the edits on my author comment~

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, May 23 2013 09:28 am ( Reply )

@te-chan: Yep~ Stay till the end of the chapter and you'll see a few more surprises.

And oh, I haven't gotten 200 quite yet, but we're getting there, haha. I've gotten your suggestion though, check my author comment.

te-chan, Friday, May 24 2013 03:01 pm ( Reply )

To the suggestions: I'd like to see Jay. laying on sheets. Looking all sexy and stuffs lol

AdmiralBetas, Friday, May 24 2013 03:10 pm ( Reply )

@te-chan: Got it!

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