Thursday, Jul 04 2013 10:04 am - Use my mirror

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Ah, they overturn DOMA, and little boys are already wakin' up with barrettes on their heads. This country -_-...

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AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jul 04 2013 10:09 am ( Reply )

Happy Fourth of July! I would say sorry I'm late, but you guys don't seem to mind too much. (You do know that this comic is supposed to update on Wednesdays, right? lol)

P.S. Tried some light background work in this page. Not too sure I like how it turned out...

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User Comments:

Alecshar, Thursday, Jul 04 2013 10:32 am ( Reply )

He's beautiful. owo

te-chan, Thursday, Jul 04 2013 10:38 am ( Reply )


AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jul 04 2013 10:50 am ( Reply )

@Alecshar: Haha, I agree. Let's see if Jay thinks so :D

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jul 04 2013 10:59 am ( Reply )

@te-chan: Why do all my funny pages come up late? XD

Frostwings, Monday, Jul 08 2013 01:49 pm ( Reply )

That's absolutely incredible <3 He is a stunning vision of a goddess :D

Also, backgrounds are a pain. I always feel they are necessary but when I put in the effort and time, I'm typically disappointed with the result. Pfft, art, so fickle.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Jul 08 2013 02:31 pm ( Reply )

@Frostwings: lol Ain't that the truth? You're satisfied with it one day, then later you wonder what medication you were on while making it.

The main issue with me is that I can't make detailed backgrounds quite as fast as I would like, so I'm looking into a minimalist painterly approach. Hopefully it'll get better than this later on, haha.

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