Wednesday, Aug 21 2013 09:27 pm - Cold as ice

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Pretty sure there was only one tower...

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 22 2013 02:35 am ( Reply )

Just about... Oops, this one took a bit longer than I thought.

EDIT 8-22-2013: btw, I got a fun game--try and see if you can spot Ryan in this page ;)

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User Comments:

Le9, Thursday, Aug 22 2013 04:23 am ( Reply )

Suspense It's deadly. *sighs* This lateness isn't a problem, man. Know: if I guilt trip you, it's only 'cuz I wanna see what happens! Good job, per usual.

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 22 2013 08:11 am ( Reply )

@Le9: Haha, good to know! Don't worry, the next few pages warrant a slight speed up in the update schedule. I'll see what I can do...

Here's a little hint about what's to come for your trouble: the mystery (as it were) surrounding Jay's Mom will soon be one way, but will just get more complicated in another.

Oh, and of course, we'll finally see how Ryan and Jay can get along. Expect moar cute.

Le9, Friday, Aug 23 2013 07:19 am ( Reply )

Sweeeeet. U da man, Admiral

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