Thursday, Sep 12 2013 01:15 pm - ..."Clients"?

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Don't worry everyone--as long as Jay continues to give zero fucks, all will be right with the world.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Sep 12 2013 01:20 pm ( Reply )

Late! My bad guys, but as I said in the News post, I wasn't feeling well enough to make the regular update time. Usually I would work on a page anyway, but the complexity of this one combined with my need to finish some schoolwork today seemed good enough reason to call it off.

I'll see if I can squeeze in another double update soon.

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User Comments:

Txesare (Guest), Saturday, Sep 14 2013 05:02 pm ( Reply )

Ruuuuude Man, that woman for sure is rude!

AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Sep 14 2013 09:00 pm ( Reply )

@Txesare: Which one, Vicky or Therise? lol

Le9, Monday, Sep 16 2013 01:53 am ( Reply )

Blunt DAMN. Wonder what's next... Something ironic, seeing as a social worker seems inattentive to a child's whereabouts?

Maybe she's somehow got a heart of gold, and this is a misleading cliffhanger. This comic is my weekly tea and crumpets. haha

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Sep 16 2013 04:22 pm ( Reply )

@Le9: All very strong possibilities. Guess we'll see soon...

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 10:31 am ( Reply )

I'm thinking I might like or loathe this woman based on the next page.

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