Wednesday, Oct 23 2013 10:27 pm - Pretty picky

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Arroz con pollo, chico.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Oct 24 2013 03:33 am ( Reply )

Trying a new effect on those boxes. I think I like it.

P.S. Got a big interview today. Wish me luck.

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User Comments:

te-chan, Thursday, Oct 24 2013 07:41 pm ( Reply )

'will i never' XD
jay's so cute

M-24, Friday, Oct 25 2013 02:21 am ( Reply )

That reminds me, my mom hasn't made arroz con pollo in a I'm craving it. haha

Little Jay is so cute talking passionately, he looked so gloomy that I didn't expect this. It's true that people change when they talk about their passions. :)

AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Oct 26 2013 12:06 am ( Reply )

@M-24: Yep, yep. You practice a certain skill for long enough, and you'll be willing and able to talk about it at length, regardless of your personality. The trade-off, however, seems to be a deeper disconnect with the varying interests of other people, especially if you don't sense that they are as passionate about theirs as you are with yours.

P.S. So glad people still read my alt text :'D!

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