Saturday, Dec 07 2013 09:23 am - It buurrrnnsss!...

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Tenga cuidado: la comida puede estar muy caliente.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Dec 07 2013 09:29 am ( Reply )

Sigh I'm tired -_-...

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User Comments:

M-24, Saturday, Dec 07 2013 04:34 pm ( Reply )

Haha. I can't get over how cute these babies are.~

Just wondering, what is Jay's ethnicity? Is he perhaps hispanic?

AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Dec 07 2013 11:50 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Ah, you're a perceptive one, that's right! Though I still get to keep his original family's home country (or countries) secret, so there :P

Oh, and make sure you enjoy the cute while it lasts; the end of the flashback will be here very soon (I know I said that months ago, but I'm seriously this time).

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 11:24 am ( Reply )

Wow, that's a delicate mouth o.O

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