Sunday, Dec 15 2013 09:29 pm - More milk, please...

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Ryan, I think you've had enough-

"I'll TELL you when I've had enough!"

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Dec 15 2013 09:29 pm ( Reply )

My bad Had some trouble with the tablet yesterday. Looks like I'll be replacing this one, too, soon...

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User Comments:

Le9, Monday, Dec 16 2013 02:33 am ( Reply )

heh This has got me all smiles right now.

I hope those tablets are worth the trouble.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Dec 16 2013 03:42 am ( Reply )

@Le9: Meh, this one had a good run, about 4-5 years. Got a lot of good work out of it, including all the pages you've seen so far.

Hmm Ryan sure seems nice to Jay, in this flashback.

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