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AdmiralBetas, Friday, Jan 03 2014 03:25 am ( Reply )

Happy New Year! Ah, the age old maxim of kids and the kid-minded--being alone means being a loser.

Here's to all of us losers who spent New Year's playing video games alone at home.

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Le9, Tuesday, Jan 07 2014 12:17 pm ( Reply )

Happy New Year, Bro Oh, yes. Back when class clowns were akin to gods...

Hear, hear. I totally brought the new year in solo with some Z's. By the way, Admiral, who inspired the characters Ryan and Jay? Peeps you know? Ryan's a bundle of nerves like my brother.

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jan 07 2014 11:19 pm ( Reply )

@Le9: Oh that's right, can't forget about the sleep. I did a lot of that too.

Oh, another good question for the FAQ! I'll have to post this later-

While I'm glad that Ryan and Jay seem real enough to you to have been inspired by actual people, I'm afraid that the truth is a little less endearing.

Actually, Ryan and Jay, as well as the rest of my characters, were formed the usual writer's way: They're composed of parts of my own personality, habits and outlook on life (at different times in my life), with some guesses as to how people in their demographic might represent themselves in our culture. From there, it's mostly me winging it so that they react appropriately to outside challenges.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that Jay is very similar to me, excepting for his ability to cook and lack of tact, as well as other, smaller things that I'll mention when they come up in comic. Ryan is, deliberately, almost my opposite, and values very different things than I do*. (This comic would be over by the first chapter if it was me, but oh well...) All in all, he's meant to be a typical teenager, with a few unique quirks and flaws.

For me the best method to understand people isn't just by talking, but also by attempting to get in their heads, extrapolating their experiences from your own. I hope this comic will be a good learning experience for both me and you guys in that regard.

*We are similar in one VERY important aspect that will come up later.

Le9, Sunday, Jan 19 2014 09:29 pm ( Reply )

Me Gusta That has an interesting simplicity to it. Your process of making Ryan and Jay entails an approach many/all take while imagining others in daily life.

It may have resulted in your comic's appeal to me. Who knows? Your art and your thoughts are down to Earth.

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jan 19 2014 10:48 pm ( Reply )

@Le9: Thanks much, that's the impression I was hoping for. I'd like to see how that process works going forward.

BurstThrough, Thursday, Jan 30 2014 08:02 pm ( Reply )

He though like that as a kid I was kinda like that but I feared rejection(groups scare me).

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Jan 31 2014 05:17 pm ( Reply )

@BurstThrough: Yeah, that's a common trend with kids, but it has a subtle effect on adults too.

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