Saturday, Jan 18 2014 10:52 am - It's my fault

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Oops, gettin' a little too cute again. Better fix that next page.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Jan 18 2014 10:56 am ( Reply )

*Yawn* Almost done with the chapter. Next page will be the end of the monologue, and the beginning of the wrap-up for next chapter.

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User Comments:

Le9, Sunday, Jan 19 2014 09:43 pm ( Reply )

1. Jay's "punk phase" FTW
2. Nostalgia + pre-adolescent awkwardness = haven for cuteness. We trust you to keep it tolerable, though.

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jan 19 2014 10:43 pm ( Reply )

@Le9: 1. Lol (Honestly, we'll probably be speaking of it again >_>...)

2. Most certainly, thanks. But, starting next chapter, there's gonna be a decided shift towards "(comically) depressing" as the dominant mood, so cute balancing is going to be less of an issue. More details when this one's over.

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