Sunday, Jun 08 2014 11:21 pm - Melancholy of Munch

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Damn that diva cat, always whining about screentime. Helluva agent she's got, though.

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AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jun 08 2014 11:35 pm ( Reply )

What that thing said. For those of you who might've missed the last page's Author's Comment, GTWRAJ is on break until July, in order to allow time to create the next Chapter Cover and a few pages. You may also have noticed the beginnings of the site update.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this last time, but Chapter 4 will give us a look at just how much things have changed since Ryan and Jay's younger years. I won't spoil the details for you, but let's just say we won't have to worry about Munch being a cute tiny kitty anymore.

Finally, this pic isn't just something to hold you guys over until July. Something about it has special importance for the beginning of Chapter 4, a rarity we've only seen once before in the entire comic-can you guess what it is?

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User Comments:

te-chan, Monday, Jun 16 2014 11:27 pm ( Reply )

see you july! <3

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 12:18 pm ( Reply )

I'm guessing it's colour.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Apr 30 2018 07:27 pm ( Reply )

@IronDog: Correct!

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