Thursday, Jul 31 2014 05:09 am - That was a Schwinn!!

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Was it a black guy? I heard on the internet about one stealing a lot of people's bikes.

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AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jul 31 2014 05:16 am ( Reply )

I like this one. A Colorization adjustment layer at 50% opacity and set to Screen mode seems to be enough to harmonize the colors. Gonna ride this one out.

Incidentally, I just got a new bike, myself. Haven't had one since I was a kid, but I know a steal when I see it.

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User Comments:

M-24, Thursday, Jul 31 2014 11:41 am ( Reply )

Haha way to go mom, you almost gave him a heart attack. Another thing to add to his gloomy disposition. :(

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Aug 01 2014 06:12 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Yep, and I'm gonna throw more than my fair share at him before this comic is over. (In the interest of reader entertainment, of course.)

At least she got his bike, though. You'll find this chapter has a few more happy than sad parts in it, and they don't all occur in flashbacks like last time.

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