Saturday, Nov 15 2014 07:44 pm - Break my neck [Contains Nudity]

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AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Nov 15 2014 08:04 pm ( Reply )

Let's Talk Evangelion 1 Alright, let's get started. I guess one of the things I liked best about Evangelion was the realness of the characters, particularly Shinji. Too many anime, in my opinion, rely on a nonsensically gung-ho/hot-blooded/badass protagonist to support any interest in the story; the intent seems to be that viewers identify with the character as a form of wish fulfillment.

Unfortunately, I'm not one such viewer. I believe true relatability comes from weakness and flaws, not boundless strength. Shinji was great at showing the viewer not what they want to be (as anime at the time usually did), but what they are, which is probably why it was so controversial. For those who hated the show, Shinji's behavior seemed like a slight at them, and a betrayal of the wish fulfillment they wanted and believed all anime should have.

For fans like me, it was a breath of fresh air. Finally, an artist was willing to portray how a 14-year-old would actually react to being forced to pilot a giant mecha and fight a (almost) one-man war against (sorta) alien abominations. It is a shame he had to be battling severe symptoms of depression at the time, but Anno was skilled at channeling that into his work.

In GTWRAJ, I also try to portray teenage characters in a plausible fashion. No frills, no impossible badassery--just kids growing up and hurtling through life. Like we all did. Hopefully that counts for something for you guys.

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greatexe, Saturday, Nov 15 2014 11:10 pm ( Reply )

Thats was just how i felt when i watched Evangelion. Im glad i watched it.

Also, your comic is great. Keep it up.

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Nov 16 2014 06:38 pm ( Reply )

@greatexe: Thanks much for the compliment! I will keep it up.

Good to hear we've got at least a few Evangelion fans here as well; it'll help with my next author's comments.

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 03:12 pm ( Reply )

It counts for everything. That's why I'm still here.

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