Saturday, Nov 22 2014 06:49 pm - So brave...[Contains Nudity]

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Anyone wanna give an over/under of whether this plan will work?

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AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Nov 22 2014 07:03 pm ( Reply )

Let's Talk Evangelion 2 Having mentioned my love of Evangelion's realistic characters, I think it's also worth talking about its strengths regarding introspection.

I honestly can't think of any other series within the mecha genre that goes into the minds of its characters as well as Evangelion does. And I can't think of any that specifically address themes such as the pros and cons of solitude vs the experience of being with others (usually the latter is presented as indisputably better). Again, I think this is because not many anime in this genre wish to talk about problems the audience themselves may deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I believe, not talking about these problems at all does little to help take the audience's minds away from them in the long term.

With GTWRAJ, I attempt to emulate Evangelion by bringing up different issues, but investigating them to a similar degree. Instead of loneliness, I look at Ryan's fear of rejection by others, for example. Unlike Evangelion, however, I offer some possibility and means by which this fear can be dealt with in the real world (i.e. without Instrumentality...).

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Mirror_Heart, Saturday, Nov 22 2014 08:03 pm ( Reply )

Lol he's so cute he makes me giggle

Naru&SasuComics, Saturday, Nov 22 2014 10:48 pm ( Reply )

Oh geez xD

"Boner you can go away now"

Penis: "nah. I'll just be here hard for you to get rid of"

Arcane Allusion, Sunday, Nov 23 2014 01:34 am ( Reply )

It's been years since I have actually watched the series (at the behest of a friend who is a really big anime geek), but the themes you've mentioned so far match what I remember. Especially characterisation. Protagonist characters that are the hero, in whatever form, are too often depicted as much larger than life in what they are capable of. It might sometimes fit the format of the story to be that way, but it can create a sort of distance that exaggerates them (or aspects of them) sometimes into personality stereotypes and caricatures.

I'm an (amateur) author in my spare time, so noticing how characters evolve or are portrayed tends to jump out at me. My best work happens to feature a gay 14 year old (massive coincidence?) who ends up being thrust rather unexpectedly into that hero role ... but he's still a 14 year old. A very smart, very mature one, but inexperienced and naive, and thus he fucks up in the exact sorts of way a 14 year old would and sees the world through that lens.

Realism is important. So, I'm so glad you mentioned this -- and I think you're doing really well with the characters so far! I'm enjoying the commentary. It's nice to see a bit of depth in the artist's notes.

To reply to your last response to me: I did just recently read through, though I loved the particular section with the Fangirl. It just really amused me and stood out. Also, I don't know how good my intuition is but I'm beginning to get a few ideas of how I think the future *might* play out, and it follows that Ryan's expected path of events is not quite going to match what actually happens ...

Thanks for the page! Hope to see more soon :)

annanndstann, Sunday, Nov 23 2014 04:48 pm ( Reply )

The talking boner XD

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Nov 23 2014 05:22 pm ( Reply )

@Arcane Allusion: Good to see we're on the same page with Evangelion. Thanks for the compliments about my characters; like I said, I put a lot of work into that particular aspect of the story.

Your work sounds like something I'd be interested in. Perhaps I'll get to see it later?

Haha, your intuition sounds fine to me, given the track record in this story.

BaconPancackes (Guest), Monday, Oct 26 2015 08:18 pm ( Reply )

this little nigga needs to shave. still cute <3

larrythefairy98, Thursday, Jun 14 2018 02:21 am ( Reply )

He'll be coming out

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