Saturday, Nov 29 2014 10:55 pm - Backstabber [Contains Nudity]

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Yes Ryan, repent, for you have angered the Yaoi Goddess with your heterosexual fantasies!

lolno But seriously, your God can't help you here.

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AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Nov 29 2014 11:17 pm ( Reply )

Let's Talk Evangelion 3 Now, I've spent the last couple of weeks talking about Evangelion's many strengths, but I'd like to clarify my observation that it has a few flaws as well.

For one, and most importantly, I think it employs depression as a storytelling device just a bit too often. Sparingly, as I've said, a depressing mood can be used to relate to the audience's own lives. Too much, however, and the audience loses their connection and begins to either externalize their pity for the character, changing empathy to mere sympathy, or totally abandon the story as pointless (which is the case for much of Evangelion's hatedom). It's understandable that not everyone would be able to enjoy the series for that reason.

Second, and this is related: the series sometimes relies on fantastical elements to provide more opportunities for introspection, taking away from its value as a thinking exercise for the audience. This isn't so bad for those willing to suspend their disbelief to a sufficient degree, but if one is unwilling to believe that several mentally damaged teenagers are chosen to pilot Mind Rape-o-matics--sorry, Evas--to save the world, for example, then disconnects occur.

Speaking of which, here's my last nitpick. Kaworu--really? There was so much more opportunity for hotne-er, bonding between him and Shinji, surely more than half an episode's worth! Oh well, I guess what happened fit the show better...still don't like it though...

Alright, I think that's enough for the series. Next time, I'll talk about End of Evangelion.

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timefox, Sunday, Nov 30 2014 02:54 am ( Reply )

I kind of thought you where going to get into End of Evangelion, seeing as it looks like Ryan's going to Masturbate.

Sulaka, Sunday, Nov 30 2014 03:04 am ( Reply )

Oh my god XDD

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