Saturday, Dec 06 2014 11:51 pm - Five Minutes

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Guess I can throw a bone to the people with foot fetishes.

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AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Dec 06 2014 11:55 pm ( Reply )

Let's Talk Evangelion 4 So, End of Evangelion is quite a different ballgame from the series; if the reaction to the series was mixed but leaning towards positive, the reaction to the movie was just plain divisive. And in this case, I'm willing to entertain a number of the criticisms.

Primarily, the second half or so of the movie, and it's descent into almost incomprehensible symbolism. This was sort of wrapped up in the last few minutes with Shinji on the beach, but jeez that was more mental work than even I was ready for.

But besides that, it had good points; particularly said resolution of Shinji's character development, and perhaps Asuka's last stand against the mass-production Evas. Gendo's endgame was kinda cool to see as well.

Overall, I think it was an adequate movie; I can't agree with those who think it was bad from the "very beginning" to end. I'm not sure why they always put it that way, though...

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magicmau5, Sunday, Dec 07 2014 06:50 am ( Reply )

This is probably the only time I'll say, poor Ally.

annanndstann, Sunday, Dec 07 2014 09:00 am ( Reply )

How old is she again?

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Dec 07 2014 09:22 am ( Reply )

@magicmau5: You'll reconsider by the time this comic's over, trust me.

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Dec 07 2014 09:24 am ( Reply )

@annanndstann: This question was already answered in Reader Questions on the About page. There's lots of other useful info there as well ;)

Vilian (Guest), Sunday, Dec 07 2014 01:01 pm ( Reply )

Oh my Rainbow Lord *__* @AdmiralBetas: What have you done?
I mean... it's perfect *__*
This Ryan kid's a complete nuts, he's so depressed and/or pitiful he talk to his dick, and the dick wins. You made my day, really :D
... About Evangelion I can say I agree with you on everything.
And I really appreciate all the realism you're putting in this comic. Mixed with this particular story, to me your comic sounds really really great. I'm looking forward for new updates ;)
Bye and kisses

P.S.: I hope to see more nudity, of Jay solo and both the guy doing... eh eh, you know what I mean ;) ...

Mirror_Heart, Sunday, Dec 07 2014 03:35 pm ( Reply )

Lol snitch and if the dad comes in during the "release" I'll die lol

javibrownmustdie, Friday, Jul 14 2017 12:37 am ( Reply )

He can never catch a break

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