Sunday, Dec 14 2014 01:16 am - Mean Streets 2: Electric Boogaloo

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"I'll be back, ya fuckin' mook! I fuck you right where ya breathe!"

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AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Dec 14 2014 01:29 am ( Reply )

Let's Talk Evangelion Final Apparently, there's some viewers who think End of Evangelion is really gross. "Fucked up," if you will. I can only begin to understand why.

Was it Asuka tearing apart the mass-production Eva's? As if there wasn't just as much gore in the series! Come on, people. Oh, I get it, was it the thing where Gendo sticks his hand in Rei's chest? That wasn't even sexual, it was part of his plan! We're all adults here, or so I thought! Maybe they're referring to when Misato came on to Shinji? Well...okay, that was a little weird, but she had to convince him to get into the Mind Rape-o-matic somehow!

*Sigh* Whatever it is, I'm done with this Evangelion discussion. Time to wrap up this scene.

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magicmau5, Sunday, Dec 14 2014 07:30 pm ( Reply )

Argh! God, isn't that where every guy masturbates? It's like the only privacy the poor kid can get!

raziesgirl (Guest), Monday, Dec 15 2014 07:51 am ( Reply )

What is wrong with this DAD OK the little sis pain in the ASS rude always complaining she's just unpleasant would HATE for Her to be my sis . The DAD he's just retarded why would you give her the key instead of going there yourself to check on him or are you to old to remember what's it like to be that age .I don't know but I think it's funny when he talk's to his penis what's not so funny is when it talk's back and win the argument to boot that's just creepy but FUNNY .

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Dec 15 2014 08:35 pm ( Reply )

@magicmau5: I assure you, we have other places. Seems you might be right about the privacy thing, though.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Dec 15 2014 08:39 pm ( Reply )

@raziesgirl: You say Ryan's boner won the argument, but who's the one still standing? Just saying...

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