Sunday, Jan 04 2015 02:13 am - Private Time

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"Screw you, old man! These depressing monologues take time!"

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jan 04 2015 02:18 am ( Reply )

Returning on the Wind... Hope you guys had nice holidays. Time to finish this up.

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User Comments:

Sulaka, Sunday, Jan 04 2015 02:41 am ( Reply )


magicmau5, Sunday, Jan 04 2015 02:44 am ( Reply )

Oh god...I feel terrible for Ryan...the "private time" conversation is never one you want to have with your parents...but also I would hate to pay for that too! Never really thought I would empathize with his parents...I feel weird now.

Mirror_Heart, Sunday, Jan 04 2015 02:53 am ( Reply )

This makes me remember my conversation with my dad....... It did not go well.........he basically was extremely nervous like him lol.

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