Monday, Jan 26 2015 04:52 am - For my baby

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And now, everyone's favorite type of nudity.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Jan 26 2015 04:56 am ( Reply )

Not this again... Goddamn you to hell, color...

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User Comments:

Frostwings, Monday, Jan 26 2015 10:37 am ( Reply )

Psh, color is awesome and fun!

Also, holy crap what a nice apartment building. I'm lucky if I can afford a nice box in the slummiest of ghettos.

timefox, Monday, Jan 26 2015 06:00 pm ( Reply )

Why is outside the only part of the world that's in color?

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jan 27 2015 07:44 pm ( Reply )

@Frostwings: Fool! You know nothing! Color killed my father, and I will have VENGEANCE!

But you think the building looks nice? I was going for "decent". Maybe I'll rust it up a little on the inside.

Then again, it has been several years, maybe they've had a chance to fix it up.

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jan 27 2015 07:54 pm ( Reply )

@timefox: Ah, that's just a bit of symbolism. The personal environments of the characters (like Ryan's house) are different shades of monochrome to show how small their viewpoints are. The outside represents reality/nature, which has many different perspectives and thus, colors.

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