Monday, Apr 06 2015 12:45 am - Say Hi to Howard

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She didn't even want to eat it; she just likes to fuck shit up. Cats, amirite?

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AdmiralBetas, Monday, Apr 06 2015 12:56 am ( Reply )

Back on Weekend Schedule Sorry for another wait, guys--gotta push back updates to the weekend again. Next page will be up next weekend~

btw, anyone here started playing Bloodborne recently? Protip: pray to your god that you don't get caught by a Snatcher. There's nothing in the Unseen Village you wanna see.

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Joemon8, Monday, Apr 06 2015 10:03 pm ( Reply )

Lovely as always <3 <3
I totally love cats! They are my spirit animal ^-^

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Apr 20 2015 12:11 am ( Reply )

@Joemon8: Haha, thanks again.

My spirit animal would probably be a tortoise: very slow moving, but not without purpose.

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