Tuesday, Jun 02 2015 01:12 am - Fish's cool.

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Fish tries to get out, but these spazzy teens keep pullin' him back in!

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jun 02 2015 01:18 am ( Reply )

Surreptitious Update~ Welp, got a buffer up.

Just gonna leave this here...

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User Comments:

Joemon8, Wednesday, Jun 03 2015 08:54 am ( Reply )

The perfect friendship is the one you question all the time! Or not... that's probably not a healthy relationship if you question it... OH WELL

AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Jun 06 2015 08:04 pm ( Reply )

@Joemon8: Well, if you ask me, all friendships (or any relationship, really) have their ups and downs. You can judge how healthy they are by weighing the quantity and quality of each.

Now, what's the upside to your friend forcing you to interact with a (former) known drug dealer? That's for the reader to find out.

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