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The Laytey has a highly acute sense of smell, allowing it to detect food sources yards away with its nose alone.

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AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Jul 26 2015 03:18 am ( Reply )

Weekend Updates Return! Will Ryan be able to heal his wounds? Has Leonard learned his lesson about personal space? And what was Jay baking? Find out next weekend, as the awkwardness continues!

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Vilian (Guest), Sunday, Jul 26 2015 06:00 am ( Reply )

I'm sure he will heal in no time thanks to Ryan special hand made cookies (or meatballs?).
Latey's glutton like a 'lil child!

te-chan, Sunday, Jul 26 2015 09:43 am ( Reply )

Hahaha! I like how he's like "yeah my ba-*SNIF* screw that! i'm hungry!!"

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