Sunday, Aug 02 2015 10:47 pm - S-spices...

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Such is the harsh rule of Jay's Kitchen, that all must follow.

You will bend...or you will break.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Aug 02 2015 10:51 pm ( Reply )

For reference- Here ya go:

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User Comments:

leviathanmaster, Monday, Aug 03 2015 12:20 am ( Reply )

Absolutely perfect lol. Next time. I feel like this has been a slowly escalating occurrence for him to threaten dislocation

te-chan, Monday, Aug 03 2015 07:18 am ( Reply )

Jay's just like my mom when she's cooking. *slap!!* "now get outta here until i'm done!!"

and me and my dad would pout and trudge out the kitchen with our heads down lol

Alecshar, Monday, Aug 03 2015 12:23 pm ( Reply )

I really like that second panel.
Oh, cheese and garlic. I'll try making that one day.

Vilian (Guest), Tuesday, Aug 04 2015 01:59 pm ( Reply )

:) These biscuits seems really really tasty. Also, I bet Jay would make the perfect man for Ryan, thanks to his cooking skills :3

raziesgirl (Guest), Tuesday, Aug 04 2015 03:13 pm ( Reply )

When I saw this page the only thing that came to my mind was an episode of Martin when Jeanna was making Martin's mom's favorite biscuits are those my momma's biscuits LOL .

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 13 2015 02:01 am ( Reply )

@leviathanmaster: Indeed. You see back in the flashback that it started with a simple request to stay away. It only went downhill from there.

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 13 2015 02:03 am ( Reply )

@te-chan: Yeah, me too. My mom liked her space while cooking...unless she got me to help out...

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 13 2015 02:05 am ( Reply )

@Alecshar: I tried to get a bit more of the kitchen than we've seen so far in there, but the word balloons are covering up the fridge and dishwasher...

Not a cooking man myself, so I can't offer much help there. Let me know how it turns out~

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 13 2015 02:08 am ( Reply )

@Vilian: They are really, really tasty. And Ryan certainly seems to enjoy Jay's cooking, though he isn't the only good cook in the world...

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Aug 13 2015 02:09 am ( Reply )

@raziesgirl: Oh man, I almost forgot about that show. How long has it been? I feel sorta old now...

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 03:55 pm ( Reply )

I respect Jay a lot more now. And that recipe reminds me of the savoury cheese muffins my niné made when I was little. Now I want ten.

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