Monday, Sep 07 2015 08:29 am - Lahertys

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First the Law & Order reference, now this. NYPD's getting a lot of play in this comic...

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Sep 07 2015 08:32 am ( Reply )

Vintage Laytey How's that "luck of the Irish" working out for ya, Laytey?

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User Comments:

te-chan, Monday, Sep 07 2015 04:55 pm ( Reply )

so jay's got that latin flair huh??
and that is some interesting stuff about ryan's family.

i looove leonard. he's a mess XD

M-24, Monday, Sep 07 2015 06:42 pm ( Reply )

Whoa I didn't expect race and history talk. Cool.
Haha just 'cause he's hispanic doesn't mean he's gotta like spicy food, it's in the culture not genes. I wonder how much time he spent with his dad tho? I'm curious what happened to his parents.

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Sep 08 2015 11:52 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Hmm very good questions about Jay's bio parents. We won't be getting too into the specifics over the course of the comic, but rest assured we'll get the short answers before it ends.

timefox, Wednesday, Sep 09 2015 07:16 pm ( Reply )

Well in this world it's a lot easier to mistake some ones race because there's no color indoors.

AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Sep 09 2015 09:53 pm ( Reply )

@timefox: Excellent point lol. Everything's black and white...

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