Monday, Sep 14 2015 10:30 pm - Easy Choice

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Gotta learn to use cover, my friend.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 12:29 am ( Reply )

360 NOSCOPE NUBS Back in the day, I was quite the FPS player myself. Resistance 2 was my game, Fareye headshots was...also my game.

Nothing quite as satisfying as that head smush sound effect when you get it just right, except perhaps the knowledge of the boiling mad player on the other end...

Ah, but I've long since outgrown my trolling ways, don't worry :)

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M-24, Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 02:36 am ( Reply )

Nice save man. lol
Wow a happy drunk tho, that's quite the personality change, I'd like to see that. xD
Wait where does this guy get alcohol anyways? Doesn't seem like the kind to get invited to many parties.

killerSin, Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 02:40 pm ( Reply )

Yes, Ryan. She seems too naive to know you actually drink. On a side note, is Jay blushing in the third panel while looking at Ryan's butt? Because I figure is the shadowing, but cannot unthink it's blushing as well.

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 05:34 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Hmm? Are you referring to Ryan? He just said he's a happily sober young man...

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Sep 15 2015 05:37 pm ( Reply )

@killerSin: Did I put a typo in there or something? How come everybody thinks Ryan drinks now...?

But anyway, no, Jay's not blushing, just some face shading. Lemme go make it clearer, real quick...

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