Wednesday, Oct 07 2015 12:48 am - Frickin Lie

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I can't recall if this was around the time the word "retard" became widely recognized as offensive...

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AdmiralBetas, Wednesday, Oct 07 2015 12:51 am ( Reply )

Huh This page's actually a little earlier than before.

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YukixKaname1, Wednesday, Oct 07 2015 01:29 am ( Reply )

Well honestly I don't know what to think whether Jay did a good thing or bad thing dropping Ryan's dad precious wine. Though I cannot help but laugh at their little disagreement or something, haha. It pretty amusing to look at. Ohnoes, not tears! There, there Ryan don't cry! ; A ;

Poor Ryan is heartbroken. He really wanted to drink that wine, he looks like he needs it too and Jay just had to...throw it, haha! I was also looking forward to how they react to the wine...

Awe, I love how Jay offers to get some wine as an apology and replacement of the one he broke<3 He's so nice! Hey, Ryan cheer up your bestie Jay-bae is going to try and get chu some wine so cheer up, laddie~!!

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Oct 08 2015 08:49 pm ( Reply )

@YukixKaname1: Haha don't worry, I'm sure this'll work this out.

But how will they get the wine? Stay tuned to find out, I guess.

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