Thursday, Oct 15 2015 05:08 am - Store-bought

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Never forget the broker fees.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Oct 15 2015 05:13 am ( Reply )

My bad! Been through a bit more stress than usual this week, so this page was later than I intended...

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User Comments:

shoumo, Thursday, Oct 15 2015 03:54 pm ( Reply )

!! new page!!
aww man i knew they'd ask him, but $100.....
also dont worry about the late page! your health is more important!

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Oct 16 2015 06:33 pm ( Reply )

@shoumo: Like I said in the alt text, never forget the broker fees. Granted, usually they aren't over 100% of the item's cost, but...

Thanks much for your concern. Feelin' fine now, though.

te-chan, Saturday, Oct 17 2015 11:48 am ( Reply )

that older dude looks familiar somehow..?

Subaru (Guest), Thursday, Oct 22 2015 01:23 am ( Reply )


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