Tuesday, Jan 19 2016 10:31 pm - Only need one person

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One of the greatest challenges in life, in my opinion, is finding at least one person who can deal with ALL your bullshit.

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Jan 19 2016 10:36 pm ( Reply )

Ah screw it I'm just gonna stop posting estimated upload dates -_-....

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User Comments:

Hoagie, Wednesday, Jan 20 2016 04:43 am ( Reply )

That's fine. You post when want to. But could it wait till after this Everest of a cliff hanger is done. ;)

raziesgirl (Guest), Wednesday, Jan 20 2016 02:18 pm ( Reply )

Love this page To your suppose to keep that just between us until you all have had a chance to talk LOL.

Subaru (Guest), Tuesday, Jan 26 2016 09:18 pm ( Reply )

I don't like Howard/glasses guy...

Ahahahaha, poor Latey XDD. Jay doesn't know ehre to stop XDD

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