Sunday, Feb 07 2016 10:00 pm - Couple thrusts

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Watch out for that hair, Jay, it'll stab ya right in yer eye.

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Feb 08 2016 01:10 am ( Reply )

There ya go. Enjoy that alt-text callback.

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User Comments:

Tuykayyid (Guest), Monday, Feb 08 2016 02:24 am ( Reply )

- Oh I didn't expect to see Laytey get pounded so soon. Ba Dum Tss

M-24, Monday, Feb 08 2016 03:31 am ( Reply )

OMG oh godd xD
Ryan's worst nightmare hahah ha
I just love how everyone is so in character on this page lol (where the Howard at tho?)
wait- he has a 'choking face'?! wow true friendship there if you know someone's choking face good lord

Vilian (Guest), Thursday, Mar 03 2016 04:19 pm ( Reply )

Thank you! My I say I simply adore you?
Jay's forwardness is really really amusing :)
Thank you for this beautiful comic :)

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Mar 07 2016 11:28 pm ( Reply )

@Tuykayyid: Oh? Were you expecting to see Laytey get pounded?

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Mar 07 2016 11:29 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: This isn't the first time this has happened. Ryan doesn't know how to food.

Also, don't worry, Howard will make his triumphant return next page!

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Mar 07 2016 11:31 pm ( Reply )

@Vilian: You are free to say whatever you wish, my friend. I can't guarantee a nice reaction, tho. In this case, thanks for reading~

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