Friday, Apr 15 2016 01:42 am - Lover's Quarrel

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The innuendo practically dribbles out of Jay's mouth, I swear.

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AdmiralBetas, Friday, Apr 15 2016 03:39 am ( Reply )

Back! My wrist is at roughly 90% efficiency, good enough for now, I guess. Hopefully I'll be back on top of things next week.

Fortunately it doesn't impact my gaming nearly as much as my drawing, so I'm able to play Dark Souls III without much issue. If anyone's interested, you can hear/watch me play it on Twitch, under the same username.

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User Comments:

M-24, Friday, Apr 15 2016 01:30 pm ( Reply )

*tsks* what got into him?

Damn, take care of that wrist, even if you have to take more days off

te-chan, Saturday, Apr 16 2016 11:02 am ( Reply )

damn howard..

hope your wrist gets better. i know what you mean about gaming and drawing; wrist swears up and down i'm killing it when i try to draw.

but gaming? i'm not as good as i was at fighting game since my accident, buut i can do that shit all day with NO pain!

QR47, Sunday, Apr 17 2016 01:39 am ( Reply )

I hate that guy!!!

Subaru (Guest), Sunday, Apr 17 2016 12:45 pm ( Reply )

Ya know, I was thinking homophobia, but I wonder if that's too easy?

Alecshar, Sunday, Apr 17 2016 04:21 pm ( Reply )

Someone couldn't handle all the innuendos. :x

AdmiralBetas, Friday, May 27 2016 09:58 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Let's be honest, there's, like, 0 things that don't annoy that guy...

Wrist's totes good now, thanks much.

AdmiralBetas, Friday, May 27 2016 10:01 pm ( Reply )

@te-chan: Ah, you too? I think it's because most controllers use your fingers much more than the wrists.

AdmiralBetas, Friday, May 27 2016 10:02 pm ( Reply )

@QR47: You're not alone, I think~

AdmiralBetas, Friday, May 27 2016 10:05 pm ( Reply )

@Subaru: Hmm? You have some alternate explanations in mind, then? You might be on to something here...

AdmiralBetas, Friday, May 27 2016 10:06 pm ( Reply )

@Alecshar: Certainly not me, hehe.

IronDog, Monday, Apr 30 2018 04:49 pm ( Reply )

Howard has many issues and insecurities. And jealousies / envies too, it seems.

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