Saturday, Dec 03 2016 09:02 pm - On the food

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Betcha didn't think this person would ever be relevant again. Year of the Underdog, everyone.

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AdmiralBetas, Saturday, Dec 03 2016 09:27 pm ( Reply )

Ohhhh.....noooo...... Sorry for the extended wait this time guys; I spent the better part of last month polishing up my Kevin McCallister impression:

What's more, in what is surely the worst news you all have gotten recently, SmackJeeves has begun a site redesign that requires us authors to switch from banners to full cover images. Since I need time to finish the cover, next page will take even longer to come out...

All is not lost though. Ralend's question last time around gave me an idea--perhaps it's time we had a Q&A? If you guys are interested, I can get something going while the cover work's done.

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M-24, Saturday, Dec 03 2016 11:00 pm ( Reply )

Uhhh she looks familiar but I can't quite remember, can you point me to the page she appears? xD

A Q&A sounds good but I might have to re-read to refresh my memory

I'm sad about the site redesign, too much nostalgia in this layout :'(
(they could use some new comic theme templates though)

AdmiralBetas, Sunday, Dec 04 2016 04:54 pm ( Reply )

@M-24: Ah, she's the new receptionist back on p. 23 (My Baby Girl).

No worries about rereading, much easier to answer questions with a page number, heheh.

Vilian (Guest), Tuesday, Dec 06 2016 12:03 pm ( Reply )

Q&A ? Ok, that's a good idea :) !

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