Tuesday, Dec 27 2016 10:36 pm - Q & A Begins

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Sample question- what question are Ryan and Jay answering in that picture?

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AdmiralBetas, Tuesday, Dec 27 2016 10:48 pm ( Reply )

Ah dammit Looks like the site redesign has gone on ahead, which means I'll have to whip up a cover but quick. In the meantime though, as promised, GTWRAJ will have its first open Q & A session! The format is as follows:

To send a question, simply use the comment section, or send an email or IM to me directly if you prefer.

You guys can make questions to either a character or characters in GTWRAJ, or me personally. This can mean a character at any point in time shown in the comic, such as 13-year-old Ryan and Jay here. I'll try to collect a good amount before starting a response. I'll make illustrated responses in both cases, then post them intermittently while the cover is being made.

Keep in mind- questions towards characters will always be answered, but only according to what they know. I, however, do know (most) all there is to know about the characters and story, but I won't always answer questions directed towards me at all. Choose wisely...

I've been waiting for a good opportunity to practice some sketching. Here's to a good first session~

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