Monday, Jan 02 2017 03:04 am - New cover (ver. 1) is up

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During the retooling process, the execs suggested I give Jay shirt buttons and change the font on my name line, in order to play more to the youth market. Damn kids...

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AdmiralBetas, Monday, Jan 02 2017 03:15 am ( Reply )

See sample above. Yeah, I'm not quite done with the cover yet, but I think the lack of a cover may have confused some people into thinking the comic was taken down, judging from the reader count. Or there's some weird bug in the new site design, or I'm reading the stat wrong or something.

EDIT: Oh wait no, turns out I was reading it wrong after all. "Readers" is a totally different stat than Fans XD

Also, a reminder that the Q & A is still on; see the Q & A announcement pic for submission instructions in case you missed it.

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Ralend, Monday, Jan 02 2017 01:46 pm ( Reply )

Ok, I got one. SO, I assumed incorrectly that Jay had Asperger's earlier. But Ryan seems to have some trouble too. Seems manic depressive. High highs. Low lows. Is he? His Mother seems really worried about him too.

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Jan 02 2017 02:49 pm ( Reply )

@Ralend: Got it; I assume you're asking me and not Ryan? I'll get back to you in the next response round.

Ralend, Monday, Jan 02 2017 06:47 pm ( Reply )

oh! I got this wrong.
Ryan: Why you so fucking depressed? Damn man. Cheer up.

Jay: Whats your favorite recipe to cook? Is it maybe red velvet because it makes a certain someone special smile? ;)

Jay's Mom: How trying is having Jay as a son?

Ryan's Mom: When's the last time Ryan smiled at home?

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Jan 02 2017 07:05 pm ( Reply )

@Ralend: No problem, I'll get to these questions as well.

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