Monday, Mar 26 2018 03:35 pm - Escape From The Citadel 16

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"Treat the Ethereal not with contempt, for it represents that which can be."

Save My Place Continue where I left off

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Author Comments:

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Mar 26 2018 03:42 pm ( Reply )

Whew Ah geez this Q & A is certainly eating up a lot of time. Too many questions I guess. Let's say the next main comic page will come up on, hmm Sunday?

Next time in the main comic, Ryan asks Jay how to extend one's influence beyond Death.

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User Comments:

Ralend, Monday, Mar 26 2018 05:59 pm ( Reply )

I decided to reread the Q&A when its done, so maybe I can follow what's going on. I think this Q&A is great 'cause I am left with more questions than answers :D

AdmiralBetas, Monday, Mar 26 2018 08:52 pm ( Reply )

@Ralend: Excellent, my plan to create a self-sustaining Q & A economy is working as expected

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