Sunday, Jun 10 2018 10:30 pm - You Don't?

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(Not counting the vegetarian dishes she knows.)

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AdmiralBetas, Monday, Jun 11 2018 12:24 am ( Reply )

In an ideal world... I feel an uncomfortable amount of people would intentionally give up the lives of their loved ones for a lifelong dream, Berserk-style.

Next time in Q & A, bonus questions for Ryan from the Associate???

[EDIT: Fixed a typo.]

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larrythefairy98, Thursday, Jun 14 2018 03:09 am ( Reply )

Jay is so... They've been friends for so long you'd think they would have talked about their philosophies at some point.

AdmiralBetas, Thursday, Jun 14 2018 06:11 pm ( Reply )

@larrythefairy98: Lol, that would solve a lot of problems, yeah.

But, up till now, Ryan hasn't had a pressing reason to figure out how apathetic Jay is about most things, and why. And of course, Jay's never really cared enough to ask about other people's takes on things (besides his food).

larrythefairy98, Friday, Jun 15 2018 01:41 am ( Reply )

@AdmiralBetas: I guess thats true, but still, its been years, right? You'd think something would have happened that brought it up just a little... I dunno maybe you're right. I shouldn't over think it x)

AdmiralBetas, Friday, Jun 15 2018 05:03 am ( Reply )

@larrythefairy98: Nah, you're probably right in that there've been small signs before, but, for various reasons, Ryan pretty much gradually acclimated to Jay's quirks and vice versa.

Since you're wondering, though, there was at least one time not long after Ryan and Jay met where they learned a lot about each other, just not the aspects discussed here.

larrythefairy98, Friday, Jun 15 2018 10:33 pm ( Reply )

@AdmiralBetas: Hmm okay, 'll keep that in mind~

IronDog, Thursday, Jul 05 2018 02:56 am ( Reply )

I'm starting to see why the cover image portrays them so well XD

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